Asset Management

Advisory Services

Darpel & Howard Wealth Advisors Advisory Services are offered through Independent Advisor Alliance (IAA). IAA provides a personalized blend of wealth management, wealth counseling services and enterprise retirement plans to high-net-worth families, individuals and businesses of every size.

IAA is an independent SEC-registered investment advisory firm located in Charlotte, North Carolina and is one of the largest independent financial firms in the nation. Partnered with LPL Financial, IAA supports a broad network of truly independent financial advisors by providing operational, strategic and revenue-generating resources on total revenue.

IRAs and Retirement Planning

IRA Basics*

IRA accounts offer various tax advantages when investing for retirement. Investors can choose a wide array of investments for the contributions based on risk tolerance, time frame and other preferences for individuals.

There are two basic types of IRAs:

Traditional IRA

Traditional IRAs allow tax deductible contributions (if eligible) up to a maximum limit each year. In addition to the tax deduction, earnings in these accounts are tax-deferred (no annual reporting) each year. Generally, distributions from these accounts are taxable at ordinary income tax rates.

Roth IRAs

Roth IRAs allow contributions that are not tax deductible, but qualified withdrawals of earnings are tax free. Withdrawals of earnings prior to age 59 ½ or prior to the account being opened for 5 years, whichever is later, may result in a 10% IRS penalty tax.

For many looking to establish a retirement nest egg, utilizing both of these plans can provide a diversified tax approach to retirement planning.

*Please consult your tax advisor


In general, it can be advantageous to pursue a rollover from an employee sponsored retirement plan account into a personally owned IRA that allows the participant to have more flexibility and control of the assets.

In some cases, however, it may be advantageous to leave the funds in the plan or roll them over to a new employer’s 401k plan. Understanding rollover opportunities and these options is vital to your retirement plans.

At Darpel & Howard Wealth Advisors, our goal is to help all of our clients understand their retirement plans, manage their assets according to their goals, and explain rollover opportunities thoroughly.

Rollovers made easy!

If a rollover to an IRA is the right option for you, we can help you complete the process.

After your rollover is complete and the funds are in your personal IRA, we will create an investment strategy for you. We will explain all investment options, including all risks, fees and charges.

If you choose to transfer to another advisor or to your bank, we help facilitate the transaction. If you choose our services, we will implement your plan and provide a semi-annual review. We are always available anytime you need us.

At Darpel & Howard Wealth Advisors we offer honest, no pressure, professional advice!

Retirement Income

As more and more retirees are depending on their assets to provide income and life expectancies continue to climb, it has never been more important to establish an income plan.

At Darpel & Howard Wealth Advisors, income planning is one of the key services provided. By Developing a plan based on client needs, risk tolerances and other factors we help clients establish an income strategy from their retirement accounts. These strategies are managed and reviewed at least twice a year with clients.

Estate Planning

Matt is committed to providing the most innovative and comprehensive estate planning service available. He will tailor a plan that seeks the accumulation, preservation, administration, and tax-efficient distribution of wealth consistent with your specific personal and financial goals.

Long Term Care Planning

For many seniors and their families, planning for potential long term care expenses is an ever growing concern.

Sudden and potentially uninsured medical and long term care costs can have a devastating impact on surviving spouses and assets that may have taken a lifetime to accumulate.

With increasing costs, Medicaid and Medicare issues, longer life expectancies and other factors it has never been more important to properly plan and protect your assets and estate.

Matt has years of experience dealing with this and other issues seniors face. Matt has worked with our clients, their families, their attorneys and other advisors to implement plans and solutions for many of the issues today’s seniors face.